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Unlock New Topics!

Unlock New Topics!

Delve deeper into the life sciences with our intravital imaging window! Lighter, more flexible and compatible with all types of imaging ; carry out longitudinal in vivo studies using NIR and two-photon microscopy, reducing animal costs while increasing the robustness of your results.

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Streamline your mice facility

Streamline your mice colony in a collaborative manner using our mouse colony management software.

🐁 10.000s

♾️ Alleles

♾️ Loci

♾️ Genetic combinations

♾️ Facilities, Rooms, Racks, Cages

♾️ etc…


…and we will always raise the bar!

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Streamline your mice facility

Our Environment

And beyond!

And beyond!

Because you may need something else ; because we may be able to do it – we can flash prototype your tools and app !

We offer our expertise in software development (Typescript, Python, C), 3D CAD and manufacturing (3D printing, ESP32, Arduino…)


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