PDMS Intravital Window

Sciatic Nerve imaged using our pdms intravital window.
Sciatic Nerver in Thy1-YFP mouse, after nerve transposition and PDMS intravital window implantation.
Credit: Emma Anisman, Igor Luzhansky, Washington University in Saint Louis In Vivo Imaging Core.

Intravital imaging makes it possible to follow the mechanisms of life over time on the same individuals, thus reducing the animal use while powering the data. That is why we developed our PDMS intravital window!

Did you know that as like humans, every animal is different? Of course… which is why, when experiments cannot be conduct in dish, in vivo experiments require to cull batches of animals to obtain conclusive results…

Safe, Flexible and Water Clear

Intravital imaging remains a heavy procedure for the animal. By developing our PDMS window, we aimed to :

  • Reduce the weight up to 10x compare to conventional titanium/glass windows.
  • Reduce discomfort and pain by providing soft and flexible device.
  • Reduce the risk due to the reuse by providing disposable device
  • Improve experiment by allowing optimal 2PM imaging (water close refractive index) and in-situ operations thanks to its injection port.
Our PDMS intravital window
PDMS intravital window surgery setup scheme

Perform the Quickest Surgery with our Intravital Window

The failure of a surgical procedure is most often due to its duration. For the researcher, for the animal, for the results, we sought to reduce the duration of the operation as much as possible. No sutures… high tolerance… obtain subcutaneous access in less than 5 minutes from the first incision to sealing the window…

Imagine what was not possible before

Thanks to its flexibility, you can now implant a window where it was not possible before. Neck, leg, belly, our flexible window made in PDMS is optimal for flexible region… Isn’t it obvious?

Lactating mammary gland
Lactating mammary gland the day after delivery
Liver – mTomato


Guillaume Jacquemin et al. ,Longitudinal high-resolution imaging through a flexible intravital imaging window.Sci. Adv.7,eabg7663(2021). DOI:10.1126/sciadv.abg7663

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