On-demand prototyping

BBScope - Training Scope sofware for neonatal reanimation

You need a tiny app? the spare part that you cannot find? a clever solution that could change your life?
Ask us! We are providing on-demand prototyping!

Software prototyping

Making a simple -proof-of-concept- software is not a huge story… Thanks to our in-house jsX Framework, we can cast it in few day for cheap!

  • Start to fill your need in few days.
  • Don’t pay before! Instead, we are proposing you to only pay an annual license.
  • The more interesting your software is, the more we’ll develop it.
BBScope - Training Scope software for neonatal reanimation developed on-demand
Neonatal Reanimation Software realized on-demand by the training team of the Hôpital de Saint-Nazaire
Old cash machine personalization for escape game application
Modification of a cash register for an escape game – opening is conditioned by a programmable price sequence

Generic On-Demand Prototyping

Our vision is that there is no problem without a solution! You have a need and a project, but you don’t know where to start and how to… we do!

  • 3D Parts – plastic, aluminium, …
  • IoT – Microcontrollers, basic electronic, …
  • Systems – combine parts, electronic and informatic together!

Everything is interesting! We are probably not expert about your topic but you are – challenge us.