Mouse Colony Management Software

MiceManager mouse colony management sofware overview

Start managing smartly your rodents using our advanced mouse colony management software now!

Management Dashboard at a Glance

Don’t dive into the data just to check yours. Stay on the dashboard!

  • Your planning : quickly check what are your tasks thanks to a minimalistic timeline
  • Todo list: complete your task of the day in one click!
  • My Mice : just the basics, access to your favorite animals

Quickly Plan your Crosses

Use your available mice to allow MiceManager to calculate the optimal – high-yield – crosses for you.

  • Lightning-Fast. Safe time and paper to think about your optimal crosses
  • Smart. Calculator take in account the loci, the homozygous lethality, the sex and so on…
  • One ? Two ? Dozen ? Until mice are available, compute crosses in an iterative manner (reuse the children obtains in other crosses if needed)

Complete Genetic Reference Systems

Quickly structure your reference data (loci, alleles, phenotypes, …) do rapidly start recording your mice!

  • Unlimited references : work with 5 alleles… or 100s
  • Fully relational : logic, you can’t do mistake!
  • Constraint (but not too much) : keep a homogeneous data structure thanks to input validation

Advanced Filtering of your Mice and Litters

Get to the point with our advanced filter! Don’t crawl through tens of thousands of mice, just specify what and when; our engine will do the rest for you!

Filter and combine by:

  • Sectors : sectorize your litters
  • Sex : male, female or not undefined
  • A mouse : get the whole litter
  • A mouse : get only the mouse
  • Alleles: positively or negatively
  • Status : alive or dead
  • Range of dates of birth, crossbreed, planned, of death
  • Backgrounds
  • Text in comments

Manage Mice but also Users!

Feel free to share access! You can specify unlimited roles with thin granularity of permissions.

  • Process friendly : restrict your student’s rights to monitor what’s going on in the colony
  • Share access : give access to collaborators in pseudo-read-only mode… or involve them fully in your management process!
Start managing your mice smoothly
This plan is suitable for groups wishing to start managing laboratory mice at low cost.
Single Instance
All Breeding Features
Mice : 10.000 max
Litters : 10.000 max
Alleles: 10 max
Loci: 10 max
Classification Sectors: 4 max
Limited Reporting Features (genotyping)
Limited Scheduling Features (todo)
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Managing without limits
This plan is suitable for institution or unit subscription (multiple groups)
Unlimited Instances
Custom DNS
All Breeding Features
All Reporting & Stats Features
All Scheduling Features
Mice : unlimited
Litters : unlimited
Alleles: unlimited
Classification Sectors: unlimited
Loci: unlimited
Optional : dedicated or self hosted RDS (on quote)
Optional : dedicated server (on quote)
Optional : multiple DNS (on quote)
Optional : Data Import from XLSX, CSV, SQL, JSON or XML (on quote)
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We aims to support any young scientist to reach there goal and money should never be the limit – feel free to contact us to share your projects and discuss how we can help you


We’ve designed our mouse colony management software to handle the load, and we think it’s got the shoulders for the job. We make it a point of honor to quickly integrate everyone’s needs, but we’ve also already planned :

  • Instructions : create advanced tasks involving actions, data collection, workflows
  • API : easily integrate MiceManager in your workflow with an Application Programming Interface (REST-like)
  • Cross App : our mouse colony software is designed to work as a node (1 team = 1 node); we want you to be able to interconnect with other teams as well (exchange animals, data, etc.). That’s how science progress.
  • Institutional MiceManager : we are developing a supervising application dedicated to animal facilities manager in order to : obtain statistics for all your teams, invoice users, plan animal crews, maintenance, centralize ethical projects, reports, …

We’re mentioned!

Carabaña, C., Sun, W., Veludo Ramos, C., Huyghe, M., Perkins, M., Maillot, A., Journot, R., Hartani, F., Faraldo, M.M., Lloyd-Lewis, B., et al. (2024). Spatially distinct epithelial and mesenchymal cell subsets along progressive lineage restriction in the branching embryonic mammary gland. EMBO J 43, 2308–2336.